Despite the UN Security Council, the Pirates Still Get All the Prettiest Girls

by Julian Ku

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Look closely at this photo of a parachute containing ransom money landing on a hijacked vessel in Somalia.  Taken by the U.S. Navy, the photo, and this unusually insightful Time piece, details what I sort of predicted a couple of weeks ago.  The ballyhooed international effort, sanctioned by the UN Security Council, to suppress Somali pirates is going nowhere, mostly because there is still no authority to chase the pirates once they enter Somali waters.  Money is still flowing and, as the Time article points out, the pirates are getting richer and are marrying the prettiest ladies in the neighborhood.

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  1. Pirate definitely sounds a lot cooler than law student.  Its a shame I overlooked that particular career opportunity.  Adventure.  Money.  Ladies.  Why the hell am I still in Law School!  I want $3,000,000 parachuted to ME!

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