Sundays with Stendhal 12: End of the Series

by Kenneth Anderson

‘Whatever are you dreaming of, sir?’  Mathilde asked him.  There was a note of intimacy in her question, and she had come back running and was quite out of breath in her eagerness to be with him.  Julien was tired of self-suppression.  In a moment of pride, he told her frankly what he was thinking.

(The Red and the Black, vol. 2, chapter 40, ‘Queen Marguerite’.)

With this, I think, the series comes to a close.  Roger posted up a useful survey a little while ago on reader reactions to this blog, and one was a greater emphasis on international law.  So I am going to bring this to a close, and focus more in international law in my posts.  I might move it over to my home blog, and there were a couple of lovely little epigraphs (“Russia follows French fashions in all things, but always at a distance of fifty years” or “I crave leave to slander France a little more”) that would be cute, but I think I should get more legally serious here.

3 Responses

  1. Thanks again for these. I look forward to following at your own site.

  2. Legal seriousness is entirely overrated.

  3. Sometimes I think legal seriousness is mostly fiction.

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