Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

by Kenneth Anderson

I take Deborah’s point in our conversation below on the administrative detention point, and think she is probably being a little bit nicer to me than I deserve in suggesting that I am running together two things – law and policy.  Fair point, and although I might return to it sometime next year (if I can persuade myself to assign a research assistant to pull together the “what they said under Bush, what they said under Obama,” and see whether my impression has legs) – anyway, I’m going to leave this one for now, and wish everyone at Opinio Juris, contributors, guests, commentators, and our far flung readers, a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am going now to cook the turkey.

This consists, this year, of two turkey breasts, because I cannot deal with whole birds.  I have salted them overnight, and they are sitting in a mush of rum (please don’t tell J-R that I am cooking with the 23 year old stuff, but I don’t drink, so …), cinnamon, chipotle, nutmeg, vanilla, molasses, garlic, onion, ginger, sesame oil, prunes and dried apricots soaked in rum, anchovy paste, and olive oil – and drizzled with an Italian balsamic vinegar infused with chocolate and of a quality the which should really only be applied to fresh strawberries.

The weather is beautiful and I’ve decided to don my chef’s apron and … grill.


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