Obama in a (Global) Landslide!

by Kevin Jon Heller

Last month, I mentioned that a BBC survey found nearly global support for Obama over McCain.  Now check out this “global electoral college” map put together by the editors of The Economist, Sarah Palin’s favorite magazine:

<br />

The lonely red country is, not suprisingly, Georgia.  And the only pink country appears to be Macedonia.

Hat-Tip: FP Passport.


4 Responses

  1. Huh. I am pretty sure Pew Global Attitudes listed both Israel and Palestine as McCain supporters.

    ~T. Greer, losing all faith in a map that puts America’s votes as 80% Obama and 20% McCain.

  2. Too bad global opinion would also find that Al-Qaeda did not plan 9/11 …

  3. To NewStream Dream:  source?

  4. WorldPublicOpinion.org

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