Viral Sovereignty and Intellectual Property

Viral Sovereignty and Intellectual Property

The blog Futurismic as an interesting post on “viral sovereignty.” According to a recent Washington Post op-ed by Richard Holbrooke and Laurie Garrett

This extremely dangerous idea comes to us courtesy of Indonesia’s minister of health, Siti Fadilah Supari, who asserts that deadly viruses are the sovereign property of individual nations — even though they cross borders and could pose a pandemic threat to all the peoples of the world.

And, in case you think this is just a quirky footnote, Holbrooke and Garrett explain:

 A year ago, Supari’s assertions about “viral sovereignty” seemed to be odd yet individual views. Disturbingly, however, the notion has morphed into a global movement, fueled by self-destructive, anti-Western sentiments. In May, Indian Health Minister A. Ramadoss endorsed the concept in a dispute with Bangladesh. The Non-Aligned Movement — a 112-nation organization that is a survivor of the Cold War era — has agreed to consider formally endorsing the concept of “viral sovereignty” at its November meeting.

Check out both the post at Futurismic and the underlying op-ed.

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