Can Mia Farrow and Blackwater Save Darfur?

by Kevin Jon Heller

I know politics makes strange bedfellows, but this is ridiculous:

Two unlikely allies met for breakfast last month in New York to discuss a possible collaboration: Mia Farrow, actress and passionate activist for Darfur refugees, and Erik Prince, founder and CEO of the government contractor, Blackwater Worldwide.

Farrow told ABC News that Blackwater, despite its controversial history and allegations of murdering civilians in Iraq, might be able to help the “hopelessly under-equipped” African Union forces deployed in Darfur with logistics and training.

“Blackwater has a much better idea of what an effective peace-keeping mission would look like than western governments,” Farrow told ABC News from a refugee camp in near the Darfur border.

You mean, like this?

<br />

Or this?  (Warning: graphic image.)

2 Responses

  1. So we’re going to have private citizens fight proxy wars with other countries’ governments using mercenaries?

    I realize that’s somewhat of a slippery-slope argument on my part, but I think we should consider the implications.

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