Discussion of Wittes’ Law and the Long War Starts This Monday

by Chris Borgen

I just wanted to remind everyone that next week we will host a discussion of Benjamin Wittes’ book Law And the Long War. Besides Ben, Bobby Chesney (Wake Forest),  Geoff Corn (South Texas), Glenn Sulmasy (U.S. Coast Guard Academy), Steve Vladeck (American University), Marty Lederman (Georgetown) and possibly one or two others will be joining us for the book symposium.  And it will be Deborah Pearlstein’s first week as a Opinio Juris blogger.

This should be a lively and informative discussion and we hope you will take part in the conversation…


One Response

  1. To diversify the discussion, can you implore some Muslim lawyer to comment on the ‘war on terror’? That has been missing in nearly every venue I’ve come across.


    Sameera Daniels

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