Can Alberto Gonzales be Sued in Federal Court for Violations of International Law?

by Chris Borgen

In a new essay at Jurist, Jordan Paust concludes “probably.” Check it out and let us know what you think.

5 Responses

  1. The Attorney General is not a real General. Obviously the author of this article is under the misunderstanding that he has a military role and was directly involved in the chain of command that made the military decisions of which he disapproves. The guy he is looking for sits in an Oval Office. If you want to sue him because you don’t like his policies, knock yourself out.

  2. Another proposed ATCA suit… people are really having a field day with that.

  3. Regardless, it seems the Justice Dept. itself, via its inspector general, has sufficient reasons for investigating Gonzales’ conduct:

  4. Here’s the link: short description

  5. Ooops! Just can’t seem to do that link to the Los Angeles Times article. Perhaps someone else can.

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