Condi’s Playlist

by Chris Borgen

The Independent has a special edition today edited by Bono. It includes Condi Rice’s list of ten favorite pieces of music. See the full list with explanations and comments here.

I’ll note that there was more pop than I expected, but I’m still waiting for the first Secretary of State who will put the Clash’s London Calling at Number 1. Or the Sex Pistols anywhere on the list. I wonder what Warren Christopher’s list looks like…

Condi’s List

1. Mozart
Piano Concerto in D minor

2. Cream
‘Sunshine of Your Love’

3. Aretha Franklin

4. Kool and the Gang

5. Brahms
Piano Concerto No 2

6. Brahms
Piano Quintet in F minor

7. U2

8. Elton John
‘Rocket Man’

9. Beethoven
Symphony No 7

10. Mussorgsky
Boris Godunov

Hat tip: Wonkette

2 Responses

  1. I’m dissapointed there isn’t any goth rock on that list. It would suit her style well.

  2. Maybe they can pipe them in for good behavior at the prison where she will serve time for her command responsibility for war crimes and other violations of international criminal/humanitarian law. Her conversation at the ASIL 100 meeting is excellent reading. Compare her with Judge Higgins discussion and you see the disconnect with the world (and for that matter very recent American policy and practice) of the current American leadership (all three branches). I spent the whole time shaking my head as I heard her spout the party line with perfect pitch in her almost Stalinist discipline (extraordinary for a Soviet scholar). My people. My people.


    Ben Davis

    Associate Professor of Law

    University of Toledo College of Law

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