Events and Announcements: September 29, 2019

Events and Announcements: September 29, 2019

Call for Papers

The Palestine Yearbook of International Law (PYBIL) has opened an invitation for an additional round of submissions for Volume XXII. We welcome general submissions related to public international law. We are interested in particular in critical approaches to international law, and welcome submissions in relation to Palestine. This peer-reviewed volume would include articles, case commentaries, and book reviews. 

Articles should not exceed 12,000 words, including footnotes. Submissions to the general Articles section will be reviewed by the editorial board in addition to anonymous review by external experts to assess their quality and contribution to academic debates.

Case commentaries should not exceed 5,000 words, including footnotes. Commentaries should discuss significant and relevant jurisprudential developments, whether in international law tribunals or in domestic courts that are pertinent to international law.

Book reviews should not exceed 3,000 words, including footnotes. Book reviews would critically engage with recent international law publications. PYBIL is also happy to receive review essays that examine several books. Review essays should not exceed 5,000 words, including footnotes.

Submission guidelines and PYBIL style requirements: 

Submissions should be exclusive to PYBIL in order to be considered. We will aim to update authors on submission progress in a timely manner. 

Authors who would like their articles to be considered for Volume XXII (published in 2020) should submit them by 30 November 2019. Articles submitted at a later stage will be considered for Volume XXIII (published in 2021).

Article submissions should include 2 documents: the article file without name of author, and a second file that includes the name of author, institutional affiliation, contact info, and an abstract for the submitted Article (no more than 500 words). The submission should be double-spaced, with one-inch margins. 

The Yearbook follows the legal citation system used by The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation, published by the Harvard Law Review Association.  For grammatical and stylistic matters, the Yearbook follows The Chicago Manual of Style, published by the University of Chicago press.  The American spelling system is used. 

The Yearbook is published in English since 1984. It is edited at Birzeit University’s Institute of Law (Birzeit, Palestine), and published by Martinus Nijhoff Publishers (The Hague, The Netherlands). The Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook is Dr. Nimer Sultany.  

For a list of previous volumes, please go here. The contact address for submission is: iol [dot] pyil [at] birzeit [dot] edu. For queries about submissions, please email Dr. Nimer Sultany, Editor-in-Chief at ns30 [at] soas [dot] ac [dot] uk or Mr. Ata Hindi and Ms. Reem al-Botmeh, Assistant Editors at iol [dot] pyil [at] birzeit [dot] edu.


The Third Annual ACM Conference on Fairness, Accountability and Transparency (ACM FAT*) 2020, which will be held in Barcelona from 27-29 January 2020, invites PhD students in all disciplines including computer science, statistics, law, social sciences, the humanities, and education, to apply for the FAT* Doctoral Consortium (DC). The FAT* DC offers PhD students doing research on fairness, accountability and transparency in relation to socio-technical systems with a unique opportunity to engage in substantive interaction with experienced researchers regarding their proposed dissertation research and career objectives. It aims

  • to provide a setting for feedback on the research of participating PhD students;
  • to provide PhD students with an opportunity to establish a supportive community, including other PhD students working in related areas or at a similar stage of their dissertation research;
  • to stimulate interdisciplinary collaboration on shared research interests; and
  • to support a new generation of researchers by offering advice about publishing and career paths.

The Doctoral Consortium will be held on Monday, 27 January 2020, 9am-12 noon. The DC will include presentations by all participating PhD students, with plenary discussions, individual meetings with experienced researchers, discussions over breaks, peer-feedback, and panel discussions. We will also arrange lunch meetings for the participants on the other conference days.

PhD students will be selected who have already settled on their thesis direction and who have made some progress in this direction, but still have significant research to complete. Applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria: clarity and completeness of application package, stage of research, evidence of research progress (please give references or links to published papers and/or technical reports) and assessment of contribution to and likely benefit from participating in the DC. Applications require a one-page thesis summary, a two-page CV, a one-page personal statement, and a statement from your PhD supervisor, all in a single PDF.

Scholarships for travel funding will also be available through a separate application process, designed to ensure the barriers to attendance are the lowest possible for all those who could not otherwise afford to travel or attend.

More details on the doctoral consortium can be found here. Enquiries regarding the DC should be sent to dc-chairs [at] fatconference [dot] org.

UN Audiovisual Library

The Codification Division of the Office of Legal Affairs recently added the following lectures to the Lecture Series of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law (AVL) website: Mr. José Antonio Burneo Labrín on “International Criminal Law: its development and genealogy“ (in Spanish), and Mr. Roberto Fernando Claros Abarca on “The International Legal Subjectivity of the Investor: Reflections on Counterclaims in Investor-State Arbitration“ (in Spanish).

The Audiovisual Library is also available as a podcast, which can be accessed through the preinstalled applications in Apple or Google devices, through Soundcloud or through the podcast application of your preference by searching “Audiovisual Library of International Law”.

If you would like to post an announcement on Opinio Juris, please contact John Heieck at eventsandannouncements [at] gmail [dot] com with a one-paragraph description of your announcement along with hyperlinks to more information.

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