Two New HILJ Online Sections Now Accepting Submissions

Two New HILJ Online Sections Now Accepting Submissions

I’d normally leave this for the announcements post, but the Harvard International Law Journal has been extremely kind to me — not only publishing two of my articles, but also organizing online symposiums for each of them. So the least I could do is put in a kind word for the Journal’s ambitious new plans for its online component:

The Harvard International Law Journal is now accepting submissions for two of its new online sections: Blog and Comment. We welcome submissions from legal scholars, practitioners, and advanced students on topics of private or public international law and related fields, including interdisciplinary work. Please note that we do not generally publish articles on foreign or comparative law unless they significantly engage with issues of international law.

For our 60th Anniversary volume, as we reflect on our past and look forward, the Journal is particularly interested in publishing articles about the frontiers of international law. Frontiers represent new horizons and new perspectives; but they can also reveal limits, gaps, and boundaries.

Blog Requirements

Blog features commentary and analysis of current developments in international law. This could include analysis of recent decisions by international courts or domestic courts, when those decisions have a significant impact on international law. We also accept discussions of how recent developments in international relations, international politics, military affairs, economics and similar fields impact and interact with the international legal community. We welcome responses to and criticism of others’ published works, as well.

Blog posts must be no more than 2500 words and written in English. Submissions not meeting these requirements will not be reviewed. Blog, unlike our print publication, does NOT require adherence to The Bluebook and does NOT require footnotes. Citation is still required, however, and should be done through hyperlinks as much as possible. Authors may include rich media in their submissions, as well, including embedded media like Tweets and video.

Please submit a completed post in Word format, along with the author’s CV, to, with the words “Blog Submission” in the subject line. We make decisions on a rolling basis, although the timing of our decision may vary depending on the time of year.

Comment Requirements:

Comment is the online extension of the Journal’s print publication. Each post in this section builds directly on one of the articles in our print archives, adding criticism, additional context or comparison to situations in other fields.

Comments are no more than 5000 words and are accepted after approval of a proposal only. Proposals should include a short description of the Comment, its connection to a specific article in the print archives and the author’s CV. Please send proposals in the body of an email to with “Comment Proposal” in the subject line. We make decisions on a rolling basis, although the timing of our decision may vary depending on the time of year. We afford preference to Comments based on our most recently published issues, Issue 59.1 and Issue 59.2.

Submissions Process:

Both Blog and Comment articles will be reviewed on a rolling basis by HILJ’s Online Staff, which is comprised of J.D. candidates, and they may also be reviewed by our faculty advisors and/or scholars in our peer network. We endeavor to respond to authors within a month of receiving a submission, but we are unfortunately unable to provide feedback for articles that are not selected.

Once an article or proposal has been selected, the Lead Online Executive Editor will contact the author with further information on the editing and publication process.

Please contact with questions or to request an expedited review.

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