Events and Announcements: April 3, 2016

Events and Announcements: April 3, 2016

Calls for Papers

  • Revisiting the role of international law in national security: call for papers. Many conversations in the U.S. about situations of armed conflict – within civil society, academia, and the U.S. government – center on “national security law,” often drawing primarily from domestic law and military perspectives. International law is sometimes set aside in these discussions. This workshop aims to draw the international legal aspects of armed conflicts to the forefront once again. This workshop, co-organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross’s Delegation in Washington, and faculty at Loyola Law School Los Angeles, Stanford Law School, and Cardozo School of Law aims to drive discussions of public international law, including international humanitarian law, international human rights law and international criminal law, into conversations, in the U.S. in particular, on national security issues and situations of armed conflict. The workshop will provide time to discuss scholarly articles that are in process, as well as other major issues of international legal concern regarding situations of armed conflict. Following discussions, the group of participants may choose to collaborate on an outcome document. We invite you to submit an abstract or draft of an article for discussion. A small number of papers will be selected for discussion at the workshop. The article does not need to be finished – an abstract or draft may be submitted. When: May 19th, 2016 (full day) Where: Cardozo Law School, New York City Submissions: Please send your name, current affiliation, and paper proposal to Tracey Begley, Deadline for submissions: April 8, 2016 A limited amount of travel funds may be available.
  • Dr Kubo Macak (University of Exeter) and Dr Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne (University of Reading) are holding an expert roundtable on 22-23 September 2016 on the topic of ‘The Impact of the Law of Armed Conflict on General International Law’. They are issuing a call for abstracts of no more than 500 words on this topic to be submitted by email to no later than 20 May 2016. Those chosen to attend will have their domestic travel expenses and accommodation covered. The full details and call for papers can be found here.


  • The ICRC has just published its quarterly bibliography. You can find it here,
  • Transnational Dispute Managment has published a CETA special. Editors Andrea Bjorklund, John Gaffney, Fabien Gélinas and Herfried Wöss prepared this TDM CETA special. It undertakes a broad-ranging study of CETA, viewing it as an indicator of the evolution of EU trade and investment policy, and of the kinds of tensions and innovations that can be expected to arise as a new generation of twenty-first century trade and investment agreements emerges. The special starts off with an introduction by three leading experts Professor Pieter Jan Kuijper; The Honourable L. Yves Fortier and Judge Stephen Schwebel (free to read). It is the first detailed collection of reviews of CETA after its latest revisions, including the reworked Investment Chapter with an investment court replacing international arbitration.
  • The Codification Division of the UN Office of Legal Affairs recently added new lectures to the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law website, which provides high quality international law training and research materials to users around the world free of charge. The latest lectures were given by Professor Malgosia Fitzmaurice on “Whaling: the Gordian Knot of International Law” and by Professor Antonios Tzanakopoulos on “Domestic Courts in International Law”.

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You might want to trim down this events and announcements post. The AHRI call for papers has a deadline of March 25th and the Human Rights in Crisis conference has a deadline of April 1st.