Welcome to Guest Blogger Jens David Ohlin

Welcome to Guest Blogger Jens David Ohlin

Professor Jens David Ohlin of Cornell Law School will be guest blogging with us over the next two weeks. Many readers may know Jens from his blogging at Lieber Code and from his many articles on international criminal law, the laws of war, cyberwar, and comparative criminal law, among other topics.

Jens is also the author or editor of four books, including his forthcoming The Assault on International Law (Oxford) and Targeted Killings: Law and Morality in an Asymmetrical World (Oxford 2012), for which he was a co-editor.

We are very happy to have Jens participating on Opinio Juris for the next couple of weeks and look forward to the conversation!

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Kevin Jon Heller

Welcome, Jens! Great to have you here.

Sameera Daniels

Fortunately I was able to recall how to multiply. LOL
Seriously I am looking forward to discussion & reading your book. Thanks.