Events and Announcements: March 10, 2013

Events and Announcements: March 10, 2013

Calls for Papers

  • The American Branch of the International Law Association and the International Law Students Association (ILSA) have called for submissions for the International Law Weekend 2013 to be held in New York City on October 24-26. The overall theme is Internationalization of Law and Legal Practice, and its aim is to examine how and why an appreciation and knowledge of international law is an increasingly relevant and important professional tool for virtually every lawyer. Proposal should be submitted here on or before March 15, 2013.


  • Registration is now open for the 2013 conference of the Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law. On 18 and 19 May 2013, academics, practitioners and students from all over the world will gather in Cambridge for a weekend of discussion and debate under the theme “Legal Tradition in a Diverse World”. Highlights include a keynote address by Judge Yusuf (ICJ); a guest lecture by Prof. Patrick Glenn (McGill); and a keynote debate between Prof. Alain Pellet (Paris X) and Prof. James Crawford (Cambridge), moderated by Prof. Catherine Redgwell (UCL).
  • The inaugural London International Boundary Conference will take place on 18 and 19 April 2013 at the Royal Geographical Society, London.  It will provide a unique and multidisciplinary insight into the complex world of international boundary and sovereignty disputes.  Speakers at the Conference are among the world’s leading experts and practitioners in the effective resolution of territorial disputes.  They will examine recent developments in disputed “hotspots” around the world, and discuss new and emerging ideas for the resolution and management of territorial disputes, from legal, geopolitical, technical, commercial and other viewpoints.  The Conference will examine how these varied, emerging perspectives might inform a more integrated approach to international boundary and territorial disputes.  The Conference, which will be a not-for-profit event, will be hosted by Department of Geography, King’s College London, Volterra Fietta and the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. The Conference will also run a half-day technical workshop at King’s College London on the afternoon of 17 April 2013, offering a practical introduction to maritime limits and boundaries.


  • The Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law is pleased to announce the publication of its Special Conference Issue (vol 1(3)), which is a testament to the high quality and engaging level of debate that took place at the CJICL’s inaugural conference on the theme “Agents of Change: The Individual as a Participant in the Legal Process” on 19-20 May 2012.
  • Beginning this year, the GlobalTrust research project at Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law will study the extent to which states that exercise regulatory functions should take into account the interests and preferences of foreign individuals and communities located outside their boundaries. The project is informed by the observation that by their regulatory measures, states routinely affect the life-opportunities of foreigners without the latter being able to participate meaningfully in shaping those measures. Such decision-making fails to respect the participatory rights of those foreigners and often yields outcomes that are not welfare maximizing and non-egalitarian. Participants in this project will explore the possible moral and legal grounds for requiring states to take other-regarding considerations into account and the institutional mechanisms that could legitimize the external review of states’ compliance with such obligations. Funded by a European Research Council Advanced Grant, the project offers three types of fellowships: post-doctoral, doctoral and short-term visiting fellowships. Further information is available here.
  • The University of Leeds has created a 5 year Research Fellowship in Security and Justice. Further information is available here.

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