Michelle F. on Peace vs. Justice in the Sudan

Michelle F. on Peace vs. Justice in the Sudan

I have often argued that suspending the ICC’s investigation of Bashir in the name of “peace” would be a mistake, because Bashir has taken peace seriously only when faced with the prospect of significant international sanctions. Today Michelle F. at Stop Genocide makes that argument far better than I ever could.  Here is a taste:

Yes, we are talking about millions of lives, but who’s to say those lives will be saved if the indictment is suspended? The dynamics of power that are slowly shifting out of Khartoum’s favor would reverse course, encouraging the government to step up its efforts to crush the rebel movement in Darfur–to finish what it started, so to speak. And more often than not, civilians are targeted in the guise of “counterinsurgency measures.” Bashir and the NCP have been doing this ever since they took power in 1989, and an indictment suspension will be carte blanche for them to continue on their merry, gun-wielding, carpet-bombing ways.

Go read the entire post here.

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