Yes, Indeed, France Is Rolling Over for Bashir

Yes, Indeed, France Is Rolling Over for Bashir

Apparently, France will no longer even insist that the Sudan try Haroun and Kushayb.  It only wants Haroun to be removed from his government position:

France had previously stressed that Sudan must turn over Ahmed Haroun, state minister for humanitarian affairs, and militia commander Ali Mohamed Ali Abdel-Rahman, also know as Ali Kushayb who are wanted by the ICC in connection with Darfur war crimes.

Then later the French Ambassador to the UN Jean-Maurice Ripert told reporters that Sudan may try Haroun and Kushayb internally with the consent of the ICC.

But Sarkozy speaking to reporters today at the UN headquarters in New York further watered down France’s demands with regards to the two suspects.

“We want those accused of genocide not to stay as ministers in a government in Sudan” Sarkozy said referring to Haroun.

That’s pathetic — but predictable, because there is no way that the ICC would permit the Sudan to try Haroun and Kushayb itself, given the failings of the Sudanese criminal justice system.

What’s next?  Deferring Bashir’s prosecution as long as he promises to bring valentines to everyone on the Security Council, not just Russia and China?

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