Podcasting Foreign Relations

Podcasting Foreign Relations

One of the new and exciting developments in technology is podcasting. So far the use of podcasting on academic blogs is in its infancy. Very few law blogs (Ann Althouse is an exception) include podcasting as part of their content.

Significantly, the Council on Foreign Relations has just started a library of podcasting available here. I listened to two short interviews: one by Esther Pan of CFR Senior Fellow Julia Sweig about her new book: Friendly Fire: Losing Friends and Making Enemies in the Anti-American Century and the other interview by Eben Kaplan with Michael Levi on nuclear terrorism in the United States. They both sound very much like an NPR interview.

I would wager that this will be one of the new innovations that we will see take the Internet by storm. CFR provides a model for how law bloggers could consider using podcasting as a serious addition to their content. I can think of dozens of international legal luminaries that I would love to hear interviewed.

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Scott M. Sullivan

Agreed. I just chime in here to note that the University of Chicago Law School faculty blog has several podcasts listed here: http://uchicagolaw.typepad.com/faculty/podcasts/index.html