"Chorus of Hisses" Rains Down on Bolton at Yale

"Chorus of Hisses" Rains Down on Bolton at Yale

This is an interesting story. U.N Ambassador John Bolton addressed over 400 students at the Yale Political Union and was greeted with a chorus of boos and loud hisses. My favorite part is a Yale sophomore* reportedly chastising the Ambassador for being “extremely rude” to the undergraduate audience who were loudly hissing at him. But then he admits that Bolton “won the debate”!

What seems like audacious conduct on the part of nineteen-year-old undergrads is in fact custom for YPU events, with speakers routinely “pounded” with applause by compatriats and hissed down by the opposition.

A far cry from the alarming incident that occurred at NYU law school this past spring, in which law students exercised a heckler’s veto in shouting down Justice Scalia at a ceremony at the law school, resulting in a rebuke from Dean Richard Revesz and ACLU President Nadine Strossen.

* UPDATE: The name of the Yale sophomore was originally posted but has since been deleted.

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