Welcome to Professor Anthony D’Amato

Welcome to Professor Anthony D’Amato

We are very fortunate (and a little daunted) to have Professor Anthony D’Amato of Northwestern University School of Law guest blogging with us for the next two weeks.

For most of our readers, Tony won’t need any introduction. Besides his extensive list of publications (over 20 books and 110 articles) on international criminal law, human rights, foreign relations law and a host of other international legal topics, Tony was the first American lawyer to argue (and win) a case before the European Court of Human Rights, was lead counsel for the first defendant charged with genocide before the ICTY, and has litigated a number of human rights cases around the world. And, to my knowledge, he is the only international law professor to show up in a graphic story (“comic strip” would not be an apt description).

We are looking forward to our discussion over the next two weeks. Welcome to Opinio Juris!

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