Judge Sentelle and the Guantanamo Cases

Judge Sentelle and the Guantanamo Cases

Publius passes along this “liveblogged” account ofJudge David Sentelle’s talk at Columbia Law School on Tuesday. His views matter more than usual because he sits on the court that will hear the appeal of the Guantanamo detainee decision we have been blogging about.

Unfortunately for anyone hoping to get a preview of the outcome, Judge Sentelle is an experienced and savvy judge, which means he did not reveal anything specific about how he might rule in the case if it comes before him. I’m guessing he is sympathetic to the dissenters in Rasul, but it is hard to tell for sure. But maybe I’m missing something….

Update (2/4): Sorry I’ve been having some problems with Blogger, but the link to the Sentelle talk should be up now.

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