Commemorating the Holocaust

Commemorating the Holocaust

As we solemnly commemorate the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, it is worth noting that earlier this week the United Nations General Assembly — for the first time in the history of that organization — held a special session in remembrance of the Holocaust. For an organization that three decades ago passed a resolution equating Zionism with racism, this is progress. But only slight. UN Watch published this editorial on what the UN can do to address anti-semitism. And in his remarks at the commemoration, Elie Wiesel noted the failure of the international community to actually live up to the promise of “never again”:

“The Jewish witness that I am speaks of my people’s suffering as a

warning….He sounds the alarm to prevent these tragedies from being done to others. And yes, I am convinced if the world had listened to those of us who tried to speak, we may have prevented Darfur, Cambodia, Bosnia and, naturally, Rwanda.”

As Robert Kennedy often said, “We can do better.”

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