Events and Announcements: 31 January 2022

Events and Announcements: 31 January 2022

Calls for Papers

Call for Papers – German Yearbook of International Law: The Editors welcome submissions for volume 65 (2022) of the German Yearbook of International Law (GYIL), inviting interested parties to submit contributions on all topics of public international law for consideration for inclusion in the forthcoming edition. The “General Articles” section of the GYIL is open to submissions from the entire academic community and is independently peer-reviewed by a board of renowned experts. All work submitted will be scrutinised based on its intellectual quality and advancement of academic discourse. The Submission Guidelines are as follows: Papers should be 10,000-12,500 words inclusive of footnotes and must conform with the house style guide of the GYIL (which is available on the yearbook website). Submissions, including a brief abstract, statement of affiliation, and confirmation of exclusive submission, should be sent by 1 August 2022 to the Managing Editor of the GYIL via e-mail: yearbook[at]wsi[dot]uni-kiel[dot]de. All submissions will be considered on a rolling basis. More information can be found at our website here, or via the website of the Walther Schücking Institute for International Law found here.

Call for Papers – Reality of International Legal Theory – Reality in International Legal Theory: The ESIL Interest Group on International Legal Theory and Philosophy (ESIL IGILTP) and iCourts have issued a call for papers for a conference on “The Reality of International Legal Theory – Reality in International Legal Theory” to take place May 19-20, 2022, at the University of Copenhagen. The call is here. The deadline for the submission of abstracts and other requested documents (see information in the call for papers) is Monday, 14 February 2022. Confirmed contributions include a key-note speech by Mikael Madsen (iCourts) and presentations by Arthur Dyevre (KU Leuven), Andreas Føllesdal (PluriCourts), Brad Roth (Wayne State), Urska Sadl (EUI) and Nora Stappert (Leeds).

Call for Papers – NLIU Law Review: The NLIU Law Review is now accepting submissions of manuscripts for publication in Volume XI, Issue II of the journal. The NLIU Law Review is the flagship journal of the National Law Institute University, Bhopal. It is a peer-reviewed academic law journal, published biannually by the students of the University. The Law Review aims to promote a culture of scholarly research and academic writing by bringing to the forefront, articles on subjects of interest to the legal profession and academia. The NLIU Law Review does not restrict itself to any particular area of law and welcomes contributions from all branches of law, as long as the work is relevant, up to date and original. Types of Submissions accepted by the NLIU Law Review: Manuscripts on any topic of contemporary legal relevance meeting the below-mentioned criteria: Articles: 5,000-10,000 words; Case Notes: 2,000-5,000 words; Legislative Comments: 1,000-3,000 words; and Book Reviews: 1,000-3,000 words. (The word limit is exclusive of the abstract and the footnotes.) General Submission Guidelines: Manuscripts submitted to the journal must not be co-authored by more than two persons; Manuscripts must include an abstract of 250-300 words. The abstract must highlight the structure and the essence of the manuscript; All submissions must be in .docx format – they must be word-processed and compatible with Microsoft Word 2007 or above; The manuscript should not contain any information that can be used to identify the author; Authors are requested to strictly adhere to our Submission Guidelines; All the submissions must comply with our Copyright and Open Access Policy; and Manuscripts not in conformity with the Submission Guidelines may be rejected at the sole discretion of the Editorial Board. The Editorial Board reserves the right to send the manuscripts back to the authors for any modification(s) at any stage, in the event of non-conformity with any of the submission guidelines. Citation Standards: Citations must strictly conform to the standards laid down in the Oxford University Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (4th ed., 2012); Submissions must use only footnotes as a form of citation; and Speaking or substantive footnotes are highly discouraged. All the submissions are to be made only through the electronic form available at nliulawreview[dot]nliu[dot]ac[dot]in on or before 23:59 hours on February 15, 2022. In case of any queries, please drop an email at lawreview[at]nliu[dot]ac[dot]in.


 Upcoming Volterra Fietta WebinarSuccesses and Failures of UNCLOS: Volterra Fietta is pleased to announce an upcoming webinar on the “Successes and Failures on UNCLOS” on 1 February, at 17:00 GMT / 18:00 CET. This is the inaugural seminar in Volterra Fietta’s seminar series to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The distinguished panel of speakers will be: Malcolm Evans, Professor of public international law at the University of Bristol; Nilüfer Oral, Director of the Centre for International Law at the National University of Singapore and an elected member of the International Law Commission; Alex G. Oude Elferink, Director of the Netherlands Institute of the Law of the Sea and professor of international law of the sea at Utrecht University; and Martins Paparinskis, Reader in public international law at University College of London and an elected member of the International Law Commission for the 2023-2027 quinquennium. Participants can register by emailing events[at]volterrafietta[dot]com.  For more information see: here. For any queries regarding the content of the seminar, please email Florentine Vos at florentine[dot]vos[at]volterrafietta[dot]com.


Call for Applications – Various Positions (Content Editors, Writers, Coordinating Editors) at Jindal Society of International Law: Greetings from the Jindal Society of International Law! We are a student-led initiative at O.P. Jindal Global University, under the aegis of the Centre for the Study of United Nations, and guidance of Faculty Coordinator Professor (Dr.) Vesselin Popovski. Founded in 2020, this Society is an initiative to provide a platform to young international law enthusiasts. The Society is supported and guided by doyens in the field of International Law, such as Dr. Anne Peters, Mr. John Burgess, and more. Since November 2020, the society has aimed to foster meaningful conversations in the realm of international law and play the role of a facilitator for passionate and driven students. See here, here, and here for more information.

International Agora is an extension of JSIL’s efforts towards fostering meaningful conversation. This writing platform aims to further the vision of the society by promoting inclusive discourse on the various subject matters within the field of international law. The aim is to create a platform where everyone who is interested in International law can participate, discuss and further promote this field of study. Having been operational for 6+ months now, we wish to further expand this initiative and venture into different fields of study within International Law. With new ventures into Space Law and Artificial Intelligence in the making, we are also looking to launch verticals on commercial international law as well as on alternate dispute resolution and international law. We believe that all of these fields hold immense potential for further exploration and we have only just scratched the surface. For additional information please visit the website. Please also find below further details about each of the upcoming vertical and the positions available.

International Dispute Settlement Mechanism

The aim of International Dispute Settlement Mechanisms is to provide resolution of an international platform. It usually involves a neutral third party (institutions or individuals) to bring out a workable settlement between parties in a peaceful manner, such as the International Centre for Dispute Resolution. Over the years, through the evolution of treaty laws, various doctrines such as non-exhaustion have been cemented. Thus, if parties do not abide by signed treaties, it results in a growing need for having dispute mechanisms in place. The purpose of this vertical is to engage in more research and bring to the attention of students, the interesting work that is coming up in this area. Given the deficit in information, this platform seeks to educate and provide innovative solutions. It is a space for interested individuals to congregate, deliberate and discuss and come up with new solutions for the new problems.

International Commercial Law

The International Commercial Law Vertical aims at furthering the vision of a global business world. We wish to create a platform that would help students engage with topics in the business field to develop their commercial awareness acumen. In this pursuit the vertical will have two broad publications: Short Articles and Research Articles. Both these categories would be dealing with different aspects in the field. The former would engage more with current affairs, while the latter will dive into the nuances of various theoretical concepts in International Commercial Law.

Positions Available

International Agora as well as the two new verticals all have vacancies which we are looking to fill. All the positions are for a period of six months, from February 2022 onwards. It is extendable upon performance and willingness.

International Agora

  1. Content Editors
  2. Coordinating Editors

International Dispute Settlement Mechanism

  1. Content Editors
  2. Content Writers
  3. Coordinating Editors

International Commerce and Trade Law

  1. Content Editors
  2. Content Writers
  3. Coordinating Editors


Content Editors

  1. Review of contributions submitted and assessing their substantive quality
  2. Making recommendations to improve the readability of the piece
  3. Thoroughly checking and suggesting edits for the content, including but not limited to grammatical, structural, and stylistic comments
  4. Coordination and communication with contributors
  5. Occasionally may also need to make “Editorial Submissions” in the form of article contributions for the blog.

Content Writers

  1. Researching and writing on particular subject matters in international law, depending on the vertical and its requirements
  2. Brainstorm ideas and topics and participate in meetings
  3. Contributing to any other research/writing requirements are collectively agreed upon.
  4. Each vertical has its own vision and requirement, so please refer to the description above for any details.

Coordinating EditorsThe responsibilities of a coordinating editor mainly involve deadline and content management. They will be required to facilitate communication between the authors and the editors, will be tasked with ensuring timely submissions, following up with the authors, and any other logistical tasks to ensure smooth and timely functioning of the platform.

Application Process

Candidates are requested to fill out the attached application form by 11:59pm, 11 February 2022. The form is common for all platforms and has been divided into sections depending on what you are applying for.

  1. Content editors and writers will be required to upload a writing sample within the form itself.
  2. Those applying for content editors will also need to submit the editorial assignment. The link for the same has been provided in the form itself.
  3. Additionally, a copy of the candidate’s CV/Resume must also be uploaded in the form regardless of the position they are applying for.

You may only apply for one of the three platforms. Multiple applications for more than one of the platforms or roles will be rejected. See here for more information. Shortlisted candidates will be notified separately for the interview round. Non-appearance for the same without prior intimation will result in automatic disqualification.

If you would like to post an announcement on Opinio Juris, please contact John Heieck at eventsandannouncements[at]gmail[dot]com with a one-paragraph description of your announcement along with hyperlinks to more information. Thank you!

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