Events and Announcements: 29 November 2021

Events and Announcements: 29 November 2021


Book launch on René Provost, Rebel Courts – The Administration of Justice by Armed Insurgents (Oxford UP 2021) organised by the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights on 1 December 2021 at 11h30-13h00 EST on Zoom: The new book Rebel Courts by Professor René Provost (McGill University) discusses the administration of justice by armed groups. Based on extensive fieldwork, it offers a unique insight into the judicial governance of armed groups, a phenomenon never studied comprehensively until now. Using a series of detailed case studies of non-state armed groups in a diverse range of conflict situations, including the FARC (Colombia), Islamic State (Syria and Iraq), Taliban (Afghanistan), Tamil Tigers (Sri Lanka), PKK (Turkey), PYD (Syria), and KRG (Iraq), the book argues that it is possible for armed groups to legally establish and operate a system of courts to administer justice. In this online book launch, Professor René Provost will discuss with leading scholars in international humanitarian law (IHL) and international human rights law the legal and practical challenges related to the administration of justice by armed groups. The panel will be moderated by Annyssa Bellal (Senior Research Fellow and Strategic Adviser on IHL, Geneva Academy) and will feature presentations by René Provost (Professor, McGill University), Marco Sassòli (Professor of International Law, University of Geneva), Mara Revkin (Fellow, Georgetown’s Center on National Security and the Law), Helen Duffy (International Lawyer, Human Rights in Practice and Professor of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, Leiden University), Ezequiel Heffes (Senior Policy and Legal Advisor, Geneva Call), and Mina Radondic (Former LLM Student, Geneva Academy). Read more here.


Hablemos de Derecho Internacional (HDI) – The International Legal Podcast (Spanish): HDI recently added the following episodes in Spanish: Dr.Paulo Botta – Conflicto Israel-Palestino:Colisión del Pasado Presente y Futuro (Premium); TenienteCoronel de Artillería M. Gonzáles Hernández – ¿Cuál ha sido el papel de lareligión en el conflicto Palestino-Israelí?; Dr. Salem Hikmat Nasser – La Pregunta sobre Palestina a través del Derecho Internacional (Premium); Prof. Francesco Sindico – El Derecho Internacional en Asistencia del Clima; and Dra. Rojas Corradi – La Ciencia detrás de la Crisis del Cambio Climático.

The podcast is available on the main platforms: SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or through other podcast applications by searching “Hablemos de Derecho Internacional”. Updated information about the guests and episodes can be found on the new website here, or on HDI’s social media accounts: LinkedInTwitterInstagramFacebook, and Youtube.

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