Events and Announcements: 24 May 2020

Events and Announcements: 24 May 2020

Call for Papers

  • Arab Law Quarterly: Islamic finance has emerged in the post-colonial period as part of the ethos for comprehensive reformation of the Muslim world. While the aspiration and need for broader transformation remain, the field of Islamic finance so far has been able to capture the interest of a sizable segment of the Muslim world and beyond. The Arab Law Quarterly, the leading English language journal on law and legal studies of the Arab world, will devote its upcoming Symposium Issue to the subject of Islamic finance and the contemporary challenges it faces. This Symposium Issue solicits conceptual, theoretical, and empirical papers to address the issues related to the challenges and new frontiers facing the Islamic finance industry. Preference will be given to papers with an explicit focus on the Arab/MENA region. Papers need not be exclusively legal – the journal has long been interdisciplinary in its focus, and welcomes contributions from sociological, political science, economics, and anthropological perspectives as well. For more information, go here.

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