Events and Announcements: 5 January 2020

Events and Announcements: 5 January 2020


The International Criminal Defence Lawyers Germany e.V. (ICDL) is pleased to announce its Annual Meeting 2020 on 25 January 2020, which will feature practitioners from multiple international courts and tribunals and will address current developments and cases. The outline of the event will be as follows:

  • ‘Flashback and vision of the future of International Criminal Law and Tribunals’, H. E. Judge Van den Wyngaert, Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC), former ICTY and ICC judge.
  • ‘The challenges of a UN investigation mechanism‘, Caroline Buisman, United Nations Investigative Team for the Promotion of Accountability for Crimes Committed by Da’esh/ISIL(UNITAD).
  • ‘The Kosovo Specialists Chambers: Expectations and Accomplishments‘, Simon Meisenberg, Chef de Cabinet, Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC).
  • ‘Defending an ISIS-suspect before a German court‘, Thomas Koll, attorney, Aachen.
  • ‘A Defence Perspective on Securing Pre-Trial Disclosure in ICC Proceedings’, Chris Gosnell, attorney, Co-counsel for Mr. Bosco Ntaganda, ICC.
  • ‘Confirmation of Charges: a Trial before the Trial?’, Marion Carrin, attorney, Defense Team Mr. Charles Blé Goudé, ICC.
  • ‘Representing a Yazidi survivor in a German ISIS-trial‘, Natalie von Wistinghausen, attorney, Berlin/The Hague. 

For more information regarding the event and the ICDL, go here.

Call for Papers

  • The 4th Conference ‘Dialogues on International Law’ will take place at Di Tella Law School (Buenos Aires) on 11 August 2020. The general theme of the conference will be ‘International Law and Violence’. The keynote lecture will be given by Samuel Moyn (Henry R. Luce Professor of Jurisprudence and Professor of History at Yale Law School). Abstracts will be received (maximum 500 words) until 10 February 2020. They should be sent to dialogosDI[at]utdt[dot]edu. Selected participants will be notified by 1 March 2020. For more information, go here

If you would like to post an announcement on Opinio Juris, please contact John Heieck at eventsandannouncements[at]gmail[dot]com with a one-paragraph description of your announcement along with hyperlinks to more information.

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