Weekend Roundup: March 11-17, 2019

Weekend Roundup: March 11-17, 2019

Kevin kicked off the week with a post about Jean-Pierre Bemba’s claim against the ICC for €70 million following his final acquittal. While Kevin was skeptical about the merits of Bemba’s compensation claim for €22 million based on his decade of wrongful detention, Kevin was more optimistic about the success Bemba’s spoliation claim for €42.4 million resulting from the ICC’s negligent management of his frozen assets. Kevin continued his commentary with a post on the ramifications of the Philippines’ withdrawal from the Rome Statute on the OTP’s preliminary examination.

Steven Kay and Joshua Kern offered a detailed analysis of the OTP’s recent report on the preliminary examination of the Situation in Palestine, with a particular focus on the complex relationship between domestic civil litigation and the principle of complementarity.

Carlos Lopez and Sonia Ost wrapped up the week with an in-depth discussion of the UNCHR’s recent report on oil companies’ complicity in gross human rights abuses in the South Sudan. While the duo supported the UNCHR’s recommendation for the creation of a monitoring body to ensure the equitable sharing of oil revenues with the domestic populace, they called on the UN to set up an independent investigatory body to hold the companies accountable for their gross misdeeds.

Many thanks to our guest contributors and have a great week!

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