Weekend Roundup: March 4-10, 2019

Weekend Roundup: March 4-10, 2019

Dhruv Sharma and Utkarsh Srivastava kicked off the week with an analysis of India’s legal justification of “non-military preemptive action” for the Balakot airstrikes, which included a robust discussion on the law of self-defense.

Livio Zilli, a Senior Legal Adviser and UN Representative at the International Commission of Jurists, provided a detailed analysis of the UN Human Rights Committee’s General Comment 36 on the relationship between women’s and girl’s rights to life and abortion under Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Alexandra Lily Kather and Anne Schroeter provided a gendered critique in two parts (here and here) of the German Federal Public Prosecutor’s strategy towards detaining, investigating, and prosecuting returning female ISIL members, which represents the broader challenges facing other EU member states.

Srinivas Burra book-ended the week nicely by returning to the discussion of the legal implications of the recent India-Pakistan military standoff, with a particular focus on the “unwilling or unable” test vis-à-vis the exercise of self-defense.

Many thanks to our guest contributors and have a great week!

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