Will International Law Matter to the Trump Administration?

Will International Law Matter to the Trump Administration?

There are lots of panels and conferences being held around the U.S. (and maybe outside the U.S.) on the new Trump Administration’s policies and their impact on international law. I would like to recommend our readers view some or all of the video from this half-day conference recently hosted in Washington D.C. by the Federalist Society and the American Branch of the International Law Association.  Entitled “International Law in the Trump Era: Expectations, Hopes, and Fears,” the conference has lots of interesting scholars and former U.S. government officials participating.  All of the panels look great, but it is hard to avoid highlighting the panel discussion below with friend of blog John Bellinger and Georgetown lawprof Rosa Brooks tackling the question everyone is asking:

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A Layman Limey

I imagine that, if it isn’t accepted by such a powerful nation (remember Iraq) it can’t be called Law anymore.
Might is right!


Response…b/c may be prosecutions in the future!

lloyd a cohen

real international law or the political version fostered by the illegal governing body of the United Nations and the political correct left wings