Dear Mr President: 40% of Zero is Zero

by Kevin Jon Heller

Kill me:

Funding will be taken away from any organisation that is “controlled or substantially influenced by any state that sponsors terrorism” or is behind the persecution of marginalised groups or systematic violation of human rights.

The order has singled out peacekeeping, the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Population Fund. The UNPFA targets violence against women, fights to keeps childbirth and abortion, where it is legal, safe, and was a key presence in safeguarding women in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew.

The order demands decreasing US funding towards international organisations by at least 40 per cent. Mr Trump has included the International Criminal Court here, yet the US currently pays nothing to the ICC.

When asked why he wants to reduce funding to an organisation the US doesn’t fund, President Trump reportedly responded, “the Prosecutor, Frederick Douglass, is a rabble-rouser.”

7 Responses

  1. Waste of US taxpayer money. Trump is doing a great job despite the loony left attacks.

  2. Can’t disagree with such a well-articulated argument. Vote Trump in 2020!

  3. I doesn’t matter if we discuss about trump anymore. The best is to wait and see what happened. Maybe trump will be a good president. who can say?

  4. Banon 2024

  5. Good can’t even spell the name of his candidate correctly. Pretty much says it all…

  6. Morgan,

    Who can say? Really? All we have to do is look at his first disastrous weeks in office to know he’ll go down as the worst President in history. There’s a reason he is the least popular President ever at this point in his presidency…

  7. Prof Heller has chosen to pronounce the verdict before the trial. Probably Anglo-Saxon jurisprudence has changed in SOAS!!

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