GOP Wants the US to Leave the United Nations

by Kevin Jon Heller

Finally, a Republican bill we can all get behind! The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017:

A bill was introduced to the House of Representatives in early January that, among other things, calls for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations. Sponsored by Senator Mike Rogers, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act (aka H.R. 193) had been previously introduced by the Alabama senator to no avail back in 2015 (then H.R. 1205), when he cited reasons ranging from spending waste to enabling an intercontinental “dictators’ club,” which sounds like a manuscript Ann M. Martin decided to leave in her desk drawer.

I believe in sovereignty — and in restoring it when it is lost. So I support the bill. And no more UN membership, of course, means no more permanent veto for the US. So no more holding peacekeeping missions hostage whenever the international community doesn’t let the US play by its own rules. No more US propping up its own preferred dictators while criticising the preferred dictators of others. No more US protecting Israel from the consequences of its actions. Sounds pretty good!

Does anyone know how to introduce similar bills in the Duma and the NPC? I hear Russia and China are suffering a sovereignty deficit, as well.

4 Responses

  1. The quote box says “Senator Mike Rogers” and “Alabama senator”. It should be, in fact, “Representative” Mike Rogers. He is a member of the House, not the Senate.

    Correction aside, I agree with Kevin and can only hope/dream the bill does pass through both Houses and become law. Wouldn’t the UN be a better place without any of the veto-holders?

  2. I’d agree with this were it not for the permanent security council seat with its attendant veto.

  3. Yes! Then, maybe the UN can even admit Palestine as a full state member of the UN and they can decide who gets the seat the Ambassador from Hamas or from President Abbas! We’ll have peace in the Middle East too because the all the efforts at the UN to trash Israel will FINALLY succeed.

  4. I agree
    The US should leave the UN’ and stop direct and indirect funding of the UN to the tune of billions
    It would mean the UN finding a new home away from the glitz and glamour of New York
    And it would mean the UN finally becoming the useless home that it is for the bigotry and racism that characterizes the bulk of its unfree, dictatorial and fascist membership

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