by Kevin Jon Heller

This is the first time a political ad has ever left me in tears. Enough said.

Vote. You know for whom.

5 Responses

  1. Im voting for Trump. So are many of my colleagues.

  2. Yeah. Little girl picking a daisy, and than a nuclear bomb detonates.

    Old hat.

  3. JR,

    As are about 40% of the American people. Which means, of course, Trump is going to be destroyed and humiliated. (Not that he is capable of feeling humility. But anyway.)

    I’m voting for Clinton, for all her flaws. And I’m also officially endorsing the correct use of apostrophes.


    Two points. (1) It’s revealing that you need to cite a 52-year-old ad for comparable emotional effect. (2) If “Verdict” is comparable to “Daisy,” widely considered one of, if not the, greatest political ads of all time, that’s high praise indeed for “Verdict.”

  4. KJH, many Americans without law degrees know perjury, obstruction of justice, destruction of evidence, conspiracy, when they see it…Trump has very widespread support.

  5. Can’t this site stay on IL?

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