A Quick Bleg

by Kevin Jon Heller

Does anyone have an idea of what would be a fair hourly rate for someone to cite-check — both for substance and for accuracy of citation — a leading international law treatise published by a leading university press? Rates in pounds, dollars, or euros would be most appreciated!


3 Responses

  1. Response…$15

  2. 0. Just farm it out to some school’s Law Review and tell the students they will be compensated with “prestige.”

  3. I decided to do a Google search for pay by the hour for paralegals and legal assistants. The mean hourly wage estimate according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is $25 an hour and the median is $23 an hour.


    Now that’s work that may be billed or otherwise, but it strikes me that $20-$25 hour seems like a reasonable rate for a person to do a professional job cite-checking, with a nice book credit.

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