Research Bleg!

by Kevin Jon Heller

Does anyone out there in OJ-land know of a good book about the re-establishment of diplomatic relations? Ideally it would focus on the US (such as with Vietnam in 1995), but one discussing any country will do. I’m particularly interested in a book that describes the nuts and bolts of re-engagement: how the decision was made, how they selected the location of the new embassy, what the Ambassador and his staff did when they first arrived in-country, etc.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated…

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  1. Satow’s? Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy? US Foreign Affairs Manual? Maybe a quick phone call to the US Protocol office in DC or London? and for a funny take see the Spanish Ambassador’s Suitcase.

    In this otherwise-not-so-relevant-looking article on recognition, at the 37. footnote, the author mentions the case of Baltic States and the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with them, streesing that US had not recognized their illegal annexation by the Russian state.
    I have a gut feeling that illegal regime and/or government changes in IL might have an important relevance in this inquiry.

  3. Kevin, this is a bit more general, and not restricted to diplomatic relations but a recent classic in IR/History is “How Enemies Become Friends” by Charles Kupchan. Might not be quite as detailed as what you’re looking for, but a fascinating read:

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