Legal Issues at the GA This Fall

by Kristen Boon

For those interested in the 6th committee program at the General Assembly currently underway,  the schedule is available here.   Interesting topics are being discussed, including the Rule of Law, International Terrorism, Universal Jurisdiction, finalizing a draft UNCITRAL treaty on transparency in treaty based Investor-State disputes, and an update on the Responsibility of International Organizations.  The ILC’s report will be discussed between October 27 – November 5.  Documents for the sessions are available on the PaperSmart portal, and all the plenaries can be viewed by live webcast here.

In addition, on Thursday, Oct. 16, elections will take place for five non-permament Security Council seats.   Background on the seats available and the countries vying for them is available here.

2 Responses

  1. Schedule link is dead (full stop was included at end of URL), should be:

  2. “Terrorism”? I see two sessions and two spots for a working group. Perhaps there will be an attempt at a definition — but an objective definition of the tactic or strategy of terrorism should involve use of two elements: (1) and intent to produce terror, and (2) an outcome of terror.
    Too many domestic definitions are far too broad and even dangerous.

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