Quote of the Day: Tony Abbott on the Rule of Law

Quote of the Day: Tony Abbott on the Rule of Law

Here he is, defending General Sisi, the new President of Egypt:

This is a general, but a general who has studied in both the United States and the United Kingdom, so he is certainly someone who is familiar with the rule of law.

Because everyone knows that you can’t learn about the rule of law outside the West. Duh.

PS. Abbott made his silly comment as a way of explaining why he was confident Egypt would not be unfair to Peter Greste, the Australian Al-Jazeera journalist accused — with no evidence whatsoever — of “spreading false news” and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Greste was just sentenced to seven years in prison. I guess Sisi didn’t pay enough attention in his US and UK classes.

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Itzchak Kornfeld

Egypt’s beef with Qatar and consequently Al Jazeera, has caused this grave injustice against three innocent men.

If Tony Abbott and his colleague Steven Harper of Canada had a gram of courage and a modicum of concern for their citizens, they would file/bring a case against Egypt in the International Court of Justice, and cease providing any aid immediately.