Global Military Justice Reform

by Deborah Pearlstein

Excited to see news of a new blog by former National Institute of Military Justice head Gene Fidell on military justice systems worldwide. Here’s a description:

Developments in the field of military justice have been coming at an extraordinary pace for the last several years, both in the United States and around the world. Some of these developments have been wise, some have not. In some respects, there has been remarkable resistance to change. The purpose of this blog will be to identify and comment on developments in the reform of military justice from a national and global perspective.

Welcome to the blogosphere GMJR!

One Response

  1. Thanks, Deborah. In less than a week there have been hundreds of pageviews from around the world. Still some kinks to iron out and some operating/editorial decisions to be made, but it’s definitely up and running. (It’s also a lot of fun.)

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