Banksy Comments on the Wall — As Only He Can

by Kevin Jon Heller

British artist Banksy knocks it out of the park again, with a rather unusual rendering of a Nativity scene:


As ArtInfo notes, this is not Banksy’s first comment on the Israel/Palestine conflict. He painted nine amazing murals directly on the wall in 2005, including a boy drawing a chalk ladder over the wall and a girl floating over the wall with a bouquet of balloons.

Is there a more brilliant and politically insightful artist working today than Banksy? I’m still blown away by the meat truck filled with wailing stuffed animals that he had driving around Manhattan. It’s one of the most powerful pro-vegetarian statements I’ve ever seen. Watch the video here.

4 Responses

  1. Great picture (love his work!), but ArtInfo and this entry appear to suggest that this is one of his latest works. The card has been around for a couple of years already, going viral almost every holiday season.

  2. I’m afraid the Artist is dodging the crux of the issue: the woes experienced by Bethlehem’s Christians – not at the hands of Israel but under Palestinian control

  3. But this is backwards…Jesus was a Jew. He wouldn’t be able to go to Bethlehem, not because of the wall, but because he would in all likelyhood be killed there. 

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