Another Research Bleg

by Kevin Jon Heller

Does anyone have a copy of Bin Cheng’s article “International Law in the United Nations,” 8 Yearbook of World Affairs 170 (1954)? It’s not available online, and our library doesn’t have that journal…

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  1. Dear Kevin,
    I will have a friend see if they can snag a copy from the U of Toronto library? When do you need this by?

  2. Apologies, Vol 8 is not in the Bora Laskin Library…

  3. GB,

    Thanks so much for trying. I’ve found it at a slightly closer overseas library; I was just hoping someone might have a copy laying around!

  4. in case this becomes some sort of common habit, I think opinio juris should introduce a “does anyhone have XYZ”-section. I’d definetely need sth like that.

  5. Ralph,

    I actually like that idea. This is a great community for sharing resources. I can’t imagine I’m the only person who needs the occasional odd and rare source!

  6. Kevin,
    No problems. I agree, the idea of ‘crowd-sourcing’ rare resources would cut down significantly on dust-induced allergies whilst scouring the shelves…
    Also, I thought you’d already moved here to London to teach at SOAS, so I though the BL would’ve been close. If you’re still in Melbourne, my apologies for the presumption. However, when you do come, I’ll buy you a coffee as a thanks for all the thought-provoking posts over the years!
    All the best,

  7. GB,

    I will happily take you up on the offer after we arrive in January!

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