Is Colombia Going to Just Ignore the ICJ’s Ruling on Nicaragua?

by Julian Ku

Although the government of Colombia was far from pleased when the ICJ issued a judgment last November in a long-running territorial dispute with Nicaragua, it did not go so far as to say it would simply ignore the ruling.  But Colombia’s vice president Angelino Garzon seems to be hinting in recent comments that Colombia is prepared to do just that.

“The judgement of the Court of The Hague is unenforceable in our country. It cannot apply now, in five years or ten years time,” emphasized Vice President Angelino Garzon.

“The judges in The Hague instead of helping to resolve the differences between Colombia and Nicaragua, have only exacerbated them,” added Garzon.

I get the feeling there is more to this story than this quotation reflects, but it would not be shocking if Colombia simply walked away (it has already withdrawn from the ICJ’s jurisdiction under the Bogota Treaty).  Nicaragua is not in a position to force Colombia’s compliance.  Still, it would be strange for Colombia to ignore the ruling while it is supposedly preparing to ask the ICJ to reconsider its ruling.  Maybe VP Garzon is simply going off the reservation? Developing…

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  1. Could Nicaragua not make recourse of article 94(2) UN Charter?

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