Crossing Lines S01E05 (“Special Ops — Part 1”)

by Kevin Jon Heller

This week’s Crossing Lines is a two-parter involving the kidnapping of a Russian billionaire’s son, so I’ll have more to say next week. For now, just take a gander at this exchange, wherein the French detective explains — read: defends — her team’s jurisdiction:

Billionaire: “Who are you people, again?”

French Detective: “We work out of the International Criminal Court.”

Billionaire’s Wife: “Handling kidnappings?”

French Detective (irritated): “Handling cross-border crimes.”

Billionaire’s Wife: “I don’t understand. They took him across a border?”

French Detective (irritated at concept of show): “No, Madam. There was a similar kidnapping in Florence, several months ago.”

Okay, then. Say no more!

ADDENDUM: As I’ve mentioned before, this show simply should not have been set in the ICC. It’s just a useless distraction. And an unfortunate one — tonight’s episode was actually quite interesting…

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