Crossing Lines S01E03

by Kevin Jon Heller

Every week, for as long as the show survives, I’ll be blogging about Crossing Lines, the new NBC drama that features a team of detectives who work for the ICC. Today, my expert analysis of the second episode:

It’s about art thieves.

Really. It’s about art thieves.

I’m not kidding.

(And don’t get me started about how the team threatens to let a wounded man bleed to death if he doesn’t give them valuable information. Must have missed that provision in Art. 21(3) of the Rome Statute.)

Back again next week!

4 Responses

  1. and it begins with a fashion show. 

  2. I was just as disgusted by the JAG television show, Kevin, but I stopped watching after the first episode I saw, in which Harm escorted a Romanian princess being targeted by assassins.  JAGs are really cool, but not that cool.
    It’s a good thing to quit while you’re behind in this type of thing.  As I understand it, in the next JAG episode, Harm and a Colombian drug lord played a high-stakes game of “Go”, with the prize being a Marine that was left behind during a covert mission, as Webb and the JAG team once again butted heads. Had I watched that one, I might have lost my lunch.


  3. I just love how they walk in and say “we’re from the ICC”…
    BTW, it’s Episode 3 in fact. The first week was a “double bill” with 2 episodes.

  4. PS: on the bleeding to death part, I’m wondering if this would actually fall within the abuse of process doctrine at the ICC, given the very narrow definition given in the statute…

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