HILJ Symposium: Volume 54(1)

HILJ Symposium: Volume 54(1)

This post is part of the Harvard International Law Journal Volume 54(1) symposium. Other posts in this series can be found in the related posts below.

This symposium features a series of four responses to articles published in the Harvard International Law Journal’s volume 54(1). Over the next few days we will be presenting the responses, as well as commentary from the authors of the original journal pieces.

Christopher N.J. Roberts, of the University of Minnesota Law School, will be responding to “Getting to Rights: Treaty Ratification, Constitutional Convergence, and Human Rights Practice” by Tom Ginsburg, Zachary Elkins, and Beth Simmons.

William Burke-White, from the University of Pennsylvania Law School, will be responding to Natalie Lockwood’s article, “International Vote Buying.”

Duncan Hollis, of Temple University School of Law and Opinio Juris, will be responding to “Consent to the Use of Force and International Law Supremacy” by Ashley Deeks.

Finally, Efrat Arbel of Harvard Law School will be responding to “The Failed Promise of Language Rights” by Moria Paz.

The responses and author commentary will be added throughout the week, so make sure to check in often to see the latest posts.

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