An EJIL Symposium on Treaty Reservations

An EJIL Symposium on Treaty Reservations

Last fall, I was very pleased that, in conjunction with the publication of my book — The Oxford Guide to TreatiesOpinio Juris was able to host an interesting (and I hope useful) discussion of the current state of international law on treaty reservations, including some prominent reactions to the ILC’s recent Guide to Reservations by Harold Koh, Marko Milanovic, David Stewart and Ed Swaine.

For those who are interested in the subject, I’m pleased to see that EJIL is preparing to publish a volume dedicated to the ILC’s reservations work, and, even better, that EJIL Talk! is making drafts of these papers publicly available while the editorial process is on-going.  Here’s how Marko describes it:

I am happy to announce that the EJIL will be publishing a symposium on the International Law Commission’s Guide to Practice on Reservations to Treaties.  The symposium was edited by Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos and myself, and features contributions from Alain Pellet, Michael Wood, Daniel Mueller, and Ineta Ziemele and Lasma Liede. It will most likely be coming out in issue 3 of this year’s volume of the Journal, but because of the symposium’s topicality we have decided to post the unedited drafts online in the meantime, as part of NYU’s Jean Monnet Working Papers Series.  Comments are of course welcome, and we will likely be hosting a further discussion on the symposium on the blog once the final papers come out in the Journal.

For a summary of each of the contributions, see the rest of Marko’s post here.   You can get copies of the current papers themselves here.


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