IntLawGrrls Says Goodbye

by Peggy McGuinness

I was saddened to read the announcement last week from Diane Amann — the indefatigable founder, editor, and voice of IntLawGrrls — that IntLawGrrls is closing its blog.  IntLawGrrls has been an amazing source of historical, topical and, at times, deeply personal discussions about international law and the role of women in law and global governance.  It is and will remain an important documentary source of the views of the leading female (and some male) voices in international law and international organizations of our time.  Of course, in the blogosphere, nothing really disappears, and scholars, students and practitioners will benefit from the wonderful contributions of Diane, Jaya Ramji-Nogales, Beth Van Schaack and the many, many other contributors (over 300!) to IntLawGrrls for many years to come.  Diane has been a great friend of Opinio Juris and we have enjoyed many collaborations, guest posts and cross-posts over the years.  We will miss you IntLawGrrls, but look forward to hearing from the contributors in other fora in the future.

4 Responses

  1. Indeed, I wholeheartedly share your sentiment. And I hope its contributors will soon be found blogging at other international law and politics blogs.

  2. A sad and surprising decision for such an excellent blog.

  3. Yes.  Thanks for the memories!

  4. Sounds like OJ may need to pick up some free agents…

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