Kiobel’s Reargument: Get Ready for the Live Commentary (Updated)

by Julian Ku

I am still digesting the transcript of the Kiobel reargument today, although I can say that nothing in the argument today has changed my view that this brief (which both Ken and I signed) represents the best approach to resolving the case.  I will say, however,  that nothing in the argument suggested that any member of the Court is considering this approach either.

In any event, Opinio Juris will be hosting a number of guest posts on the case in the next couple of days from some of the leading commentators in the U.S. on the Alien Tort Statute.  Two of those leading commentators, Professors Chimène Keitner and Eugene Kontorovich, will join me live for a Federalist Society Teleforum on Wednesday, October 3 at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in the U.S.  We’ll chat about the case, and take calls from listeners.  (For those few Opinio Juris readers out there who aren’t dues-paying Federalist Society members, you’ll have to either sign up or wait for the podcast.) Whoops! I am now informed that the Federalist Society has generously agreed to make the live teleforum available to Opinio Juris readers, so please feel free to call in 888-752-3232 and ask questions!)

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