Joining the Twitterverse

by Kevin Jon Heller

Thanks to a couple of kind retweets by Peter, our twitter guru, some readers might have noticed that I have joined the twitterverse — @kevinjonheller.  I don’t know how often I will be tweeting; I much prefer blogging as a medium of communication.  But feel free to follow me, if you are so inclined.

That said, two caveats.  First, I don’t plan on limiting my tweeting to issues of international law and international relations.  Indeed, insofar as I use Opinio Juris to provide my thoughts in those areas, I will likely tweet primarily on other issues.  Second, I want to make clear that this is my private account; nothing I say on twitter reflects the position of the blog (which doesn’t really have a position, but you know what I mean) or of my fellow bloggers.  So if you see rhetoric that you consider particularly incendiary, blame me and not them.

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  1. Ken (@kennethanderson) and Julian (@julianku) are also on the Twitterverse. Other IL lawprofs who tweet include Jens Ohlin, Eugene Kontorovich, and Ian Hurd.

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