How Do You Know the Libyan Government is Lying? Its Lips Are Moving

How Do You Know the Libyan Government is Lying? Its Lips Are Moving

I honestly believed that the Libyan government couldn’t make a public claim more ridiculous than the one about the Swatch with a hidden camera and GPS locator.  Silly me for my lack of imagination!  Mark Kersten, whose Justice in Conflict blog should be prominently featured in your newsreader, called my attention to this recent gem from the prosecutor in charge of Saif’s case (offered during an interview with al-Arabiya):

[Interviewer]: Mr.Milad, what about the case from a legal perspective and what had happened with the ICC delegation? Can you please briefly explain it to us? What was the serious misconduct that was committed by this delegation sent by the ICC? We heard about pens containing cameras, we heard about documents signed en blanc…

[Milad]: Here is what happened. As I am the coordinator for this case, I went to the ICC delegation in the Hotel, then, we went to Zintan. They were put under an administrative search. During the search, a video-recording pen was found; the Prosecution was, by coincidence, present on site in order to continue the interrogation of Saif Al-Islam. The Prosecution was informed about this incident, then the President of the Prosecution, who was in charge of the investigation, ordered the continuation of the interrogation. He decided to take all necessary measures fearing for the life safety of the Accused. The group’s main preoccupation was the possibility of Saif Al-Islam’s assassination or poisoning, because there was, in addition to the pen, a watch containing a camera and a GPS.

News headlines running across the screen. Milad Abdul-Nabi Dekali: We were afraid that the ICC team would assassinate or poison Saif Al-Islam.


What did the ICC team say when they were confronted with this evidence?

M: they confessed to these accusations, in detail and in the presence of a French lawyer that was appointed by the ICC.

So, the Libyan government now claims not only that Melinda Taylor and her team were in Libya to kill Saif Gaddafi, but also that they confessed to wanting to kill him.  Yep, that’s convincing.  After all, who would want Saif dead more than his formally-appointed OPCD attorneys?

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