Where Can I Get One of Those Swatches?

by Kevin Jon Heller

When I wrote my account of Melinda Taylor and her team’s detention, I somehow missed this gem in the OPCD’s response:

381.  The inability of the particular prosecution authorities assigned to the case of Mr. Gaddafi to conduct credible or effective investigations and prosecutions is amply demonstrated by the fact that these same prosecution authorities claimed that an ordinary swatch watch worn by the ICC interpreter, was in fact a ‘spy watch’ (with video or GPS capabilities so hidden that even she and the swatch makers were unaware of them), and proceeded to detain her and charge her on this patently fallacious basis.

That’s one heck of a swatch!  The ones I wore in the 80s were nowhere near as cool.


One Response

  1. That was such a preposterous statement! It really grieves me to realize that this detail has not had much attention, therefore remaining something only people with a law degree can fully enjoy. I’ll try to share this story as much as I can. 

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