Welcome to the Blogosphere, Communis Hostis Omnium!

by Kevin Jon Heller

The blog, which has been uniformly excellent to date, is dedicated to exploring maritime piracy in all its dimensions.  Here is the description:

Piracy is on the rise because of failed states and crushing poverty. A majority of modern pirate attacks originate in the Horn of Africa in Somalia although there is now a growing problem in the Gulf of Guinea. This blog is a study in the legal and practical problems associated with piracy off the coast of Somalia and elsewhere. It examines some of the root causes of piracy, attempts to prevent or stop attacks, and mechanisms for the prosecution of suspected pirates. The prosecution of suspected pirates raises a myriad of legal issues that begin with arrest and collection of evidence, proper venue and jurisdiction, to name but a few.

The blog is run by Roger L. Phillips and Matteo Crippa, both of whom are legal officers with United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trial.

Welcome, Communis Hostis Omnium!


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