Taming Globalization Book Tour Hits DC (Where John Yoo and I Take the Moderate, Centrist Position)!

by Julian Ku

Last week, the good folks at the American Enterprise Institute and the Federalist Society hosted a book roundtable on Taming Globalization.  In addition to John Yoo and myself, we were joined in a very lively discussion by Prof. Martin Flaherty of Fordham and Prof. Jeremy Rabkin of George Mason (with Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post as moderator).  While John and I are certainly used to receiving some criticism from the left, we are both a little surprised when we are attacked from the right. So Prof. Rabkin’s criticism (around the 36:10 minute mark) of our view that the U.S. will continue to engage with most aspects of the international legal system was refreshing and challenging.  And Prof. Flaherty’s take on the book’s lack of originalism was also unusual.  For a further summary taste of the discussion, check out the event webpage. Special thanks to Michael Greve of AEI and Lee Otis of the Federalist Society for organizing this event.



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